Season of mist & mellow fruitfulness - 25th September

I wake up in the morning and the mist blankets the countryside.  It reminds me of when we first arrived in April and I ended up having a late night drink with a local, not realising we were sat in heavy mist - until I bent down to pat my dog and realised he was soaking wet.  Clearly a glass of two too many there!

The trees are overburdened with fruit.  Our pear tree bows to the ground, so heavy is its crop.  The figs are exquisite eaten straight from the tree and I should probably be engaging in some conserving of them.

We picked the last of our golden courgettes and I made another batch of ratatouille.  Shopping in the supermarket - the vegetables on offer just lend themselves to this dish - beaufitul aubergines, peppers, courgettes and tomatoes.  I even evoked some long forgotten memories of visiting Greece this week after making a Moussaka because of the temptations of the beautiful purple aubergines.

I spent 5 hours yesterday moving around oak logs that my local wood man kindly came and cut up for me.  11 steres are now ready and waiting.  In case you are wondering a stere is one metre cubed.  I just kept telling myself it was good exercise and it was lovely to see them up stacked high when we finished........and relieved to know that we were at least partly prepared for the winter.

The gite roof has also been repaired after a storm ripped the tiles off.  Thankfully they have all been bedded back in and the side tiles glued down for extra security.  Hopefully the gites will get through the winter dry now.

It is a relief to know, after another visit to the water company, that they had no intentions of suing me!!  All is good I am again led to understand.  Apparently also my refugee status is in hand, but I will keep you posted.