Back in the Routine - 19th September

It has been several months since we had any strong routine to stick to. With our move over at Easter, and then extra Easter holidays here (bonus) and a light summer school schedule for the children - we have been quite spoilt really.  All good things and all that........

The school term is now well under way with 6 o clock starts.  It is noticeably much darker than the UK in the morning.  Of course, the upside is lighter evenings.  Don't feel too sorry for the children though.  They went wakeboarding in La Rochelle this week and have next Tuesday off. 

I have been busy talking to builders and swimming pool companies and we seem on target for the spring to get the pool renovated and some trees felled and the garden generally tidied a little.  I have, after months of deliberation, decided to try and grow a fence from Choisya Ternata Mexican Orange.  I have been wondering and playing with trying to take cuttings but I think it might be too late for this year - which is a problem as I wanted to get it planted so it was more established for next year.  If anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received.

I haven't managed to work on the painting at the front of the house this week as it has been a pretty soggy week.  We have even had the log fire going a couple of times - not because it was particularly cold - more damp.  It is lovely though. 

I had a bit of an accident with Dan the mower and is undercarriage has gone off for repairs!!!  I ran over something that I shouldn't have, and because it was already pretty weak and worn there was quite a bit of damage.  Good job the rain and sun aren't making the grass grow wildly!!!!!