Harvest Time!!! - 1st October

Well it is a beautiful day, sunny and 24 degrees, and the countryside is alive with tractors and harvesters.  Many of the grapes have now been harvested.  Cleverly, the machines that harvest them leave the rest of the plant in tact; so it can be tricky to see when driving along which have been done and which haven't.  I understand the vines themselves will be cut down in November.  The maize has also been harvested ready for animal feed during the winter.  The sunflowers however remain undisturbed.  They are wizened and bent and in desperate needs of walking sticks now!

My mower is still not repaired and the grass is growing longer and longer and longer.  Pretty soon the gites and the pool will vanish in a sea of green.  Perhaps I am exaggerating but that is how it feels.  I will hope for its return next week, as the rain forecast for the weekend will only exacerbate the situation.

Today, I started working at a local food and clothing bank.  It is just a couple of hours a fortnight but it is something I didn't get time to do in England and it was great to get involved.  In honesty, I am not being totally selfless.  It is wonderful to be able to help others, but I am also getting to know people in the local community and make use of my French at the same time.

Still painting.....