2nd August - St George de Didonne

Well the weather has certainly picked up again.  It is now back into the 30's and the skies are cloudless.  A good day to go to the beach........so we took the recommendation of one of our guests from last week and set off for St George de Didonne.

We weren't disappointed.  It nestles next to Royan, but whilst Royan is bustling and busy at this time of year - St George was really quiet in comparison.  It was easy to get parked as there is parking right along the shoreline and the beach is a soft, deep beautiful golden sand that just goes on and on.  Like so many coastlines around here there were the most wonderful architectural trees lining the roads.  The area has several eateries and shops for the children to buy bits and bobs and the centre of this small town is just a short walk away and worth a trip.

For those of you feeling more adventurous there are jetski's, kayaks and sailboats and in the distance I could see some fishing towers.  Having said that it is just on the mouth of the Gironde so perhaps one downside is the silty water.  It didn't seem to bother the tourists and showers were readily available but my children weren't so sure!