4th August - Cows really do showjump!

We have a field next door to us that sometimes has the most beautiful herd of "Blondes".  Compared to our Friesian's they have on the whole been generally much  more placid (from my experience of being chased with my dog several times in the UK).  There was for many weeks the most enormous bull in the field with the cows and he seemed to delight in the little calves running around his feet.  I became a little more relaxed when they appeared to show no interest in my hairy dog.

Anyway, the other day the herd returned and I did think they seemed a little more vocal than before.  I set off walking my dog early one morning and felt a little skittish when they came up to the fence line to observe said hairy dog.  I told myself it wasn't a problem......they have always been just fine - but we did walk a little faster home I must confess.

A couple of hours later there was a wholly commotion between the farmer, his son, a helper and the cows.  There was clearly frustration on both sides and the Blondes were clearly not behaving as required.  Next thing I know all the farmers are in my garden herding back a very large Madame.  I never knew cows could showjump but over a 4 foot fence she went.  Wow.  Hilarious.  Later on I found out it was artificial bull time for some of them.  No wonder......