1st August - Two things..........

Two things I have never been very good at are saying goodbye and ironing!

So why would you buy a gite bearing this in mind I am sure you are thinking?  I hate to admit that even after knowing my guests for the briefest time and sometimes with the littlest of interaction it still makes me feel sad to say goodbye.  I have been pondering on it all day.  Why do I feel so sad?  I really don't know but perhaps this is a fantastic way to get over this.  The constant coming and going of people. I have to say with the new guests arriving my sadness once more turns to joy.  To see the faces of the children as they see the pool and the joy of watching them running around the lawns.  Even if I don't get over the sadness it will always be worth it to see the happiness.

As for the ironing - well what can I say.  Nothing!