29th July - A new skill

Today started off rainy - it has unfortunately not been the hot sunny weather of previous weeks which does make me sad for my guests who are only here the week. 

Taking stock of the rain this morning I decided the plan to garden was out - so I set off to track down a tractor lawnmower shop to see if I could pick up a service kit.  My old mower that I inherited - whom I have named Dan after a young man I know who would love it - has been coughing and billowing like there is no tomorrow.  I have been feeling determined not to spend too much money on this rather essential bit of kit and therefore decided to have a go myself - how hard can it be to service a tractor mower (she says with no mechanical experience whatsoever!!!)

We found said place and bought the kit required for a reasonable 60 euros.  The air filter was a breeze (had seen a clip on youtube a few weeks ago).  Much to my amazement and a few of my neighbours tools and a lot of youtube watching I (I mean we cos the children helped) serviced Dan.  We changed the air filter, fuel filter, oil and filter and put in a new spark plug.  Dan is still not a Rolls Royce but at least his cough has gone and he purrrrs now like a.........well like an old tractor really.

Oh, and because I was feeling brave after that I then went and defused the champagne bottles at the bottom of the garden - so we now how more bottles for next year.

Proud day!