9th July - Jonzac Adventures

This morning started well with the rescuing of a baby hedgehog from the swimming pool.  Left under a bush but with the sun on his back he soon made a recovery and off he set on his next adventure.

I noticed today that many sunflowers are now showing their happy, smiley, nodding yellow heads.  Field upon field of happiness.  More locally to the gites they  are lagging behind but hopefully that will mean they will be ready for the peak season.  Ours are late as I had to start a second batch after trying to grow seeds that were probably too old.

Jonzac is an historical town 20 minutes from us.  There is a great pool (Les Antilles) with rapids and slides and treatments for adults such as sauna and massage.  All very lovely.  Just behind all of this is a hidden gem.  A lake with a beach surrounding it in a parkland area.  Today the children were invited by a friend to an event there called Jonzac Adventure.  Firstly, we had to join a team at the tourist office and then today the teams all set off on various challenges.  There was boating and fishing, karate and badminton, wall climbing and  physical team challenges and horse riding to name but a few.  It was an incredible day - the children had wonderful fun and came home exhausted.  There was no charge even more incredibly.  If you visit with children this is a fantastic venue to visit.  There is even a BBQ using vine  wood and the food is a good price.