7th July - Not quite the Tour de France!

The children and I are getting quite into our cycling again - although I am not as fit as I used to be so a "cycle" might be pushing it (oh a pun!).  We set off again this evening for a pootle through the almost ready sunflowers and the vines with their abundance of petite grapes and suddenly I realised I had lost a troop.  My daughter's bike had broken.  I was knee deep in oil after trying to fix the gears and heading home when a rather lovely cyclist in all his cycling regalia stopped and asked if we needed help.  My French being as poor as it is; I managed to mime most of the problem!  So cool!  He got out his repair kit and begin fiddling around with the bike and then asking in his best, oh so lovely English with a French twist, if we lived locally as he couldn't fix it.  What a gentleman.

It rained this evening, the first real rain for quite a while.  I say "real rain"......it lasted half an hour.  It was glorious.  It was that very light mist type rain - but heavy if that makes any sense at all.  The children played in the pool amidst this heavy dewy fall - laughing with delight at the refreshing break in the weather.  I am really hoping it is the incentive my wild flowers need to show their beautiful heads as so far the display is a little on the light side (approximately 10 flowers in 2.5 acres).