12th July - Talmont sur Gironde

We have a flock of swifts that live around the garden.  Each morning and evening they spend their time dive bombing the pool for insects and water.  Initially, when we used the pool in the evening they would hover in the distance until we were finished; but over time they have become more accustomed to us.  Last night some of them were actually brave enough to join us.  It was an amazing spectacle.  We lay on floats in the water so we were facing up and watched them glide and soar over our heads.  Five or six actually swooped down to the water and the close up view was incredible.  It was light watching a flock of shooting stars.

Today we treated ourselves to some time out.  On a couple of occasions people recommended we visit Talmont sur Gironde.  We drove past on one occasion but it didn't look much to see sp we past it by.  Today, I decided that  we must be missing out on something so we set off in that direction for lunch.  It is only a 15 minute drive so I decided nothing ventured and all that.  Gosh - now I know what the fuss is about.  It is actually listed as one of France's most beautiful villages.  Overlooking the estuary, its charming narrow streets, with whitewashed houses and blue shutters, are lined with the most incredible display of hollyhocks.   The views out across the water are wonderful.  Today there was also a brocante where you could pick up anything  from baskets to oysters.  We ambled around the shops and had a delightful lunch followed by a delicious ice cream. 

It was time to head home for a cup of tea and the Wimbledon final.