6th July - Two Little Foxes and Rapunzel

I was off to the supermarket this morning to find our dog a new dog food - as I decided importing was a crazy option and we just had to go with what is available; so possibly a period of trial and error ahead with Mr Sensitive Tummy.  Anyhow, quite close to where I spotted the wild boar, there in the middle of the road, were two little baby foxes playing together.  Long and lithe with that distinctive bushy tail with the white tips.  The panic when they saw the car: into the bushes - out of the bushes; into the corn; around the corn; back into the corn.  Do we stand still and pretend we are not here or RUN...........and they were gone.

Our smaller gite has been occupied since I arrived and today was the first time I have had the opportunity to have a really good look at it since I bought it.  It is lovely.  It is charming.  It is inviting and relaxing.  The views are spectacular.  From the main living area and two of the bedrooms you look out towards the pool - the crystal blue of the water sparkling like a pool full of gems.  The forest off into the  providing a striking backdrop.  The other bedroom has spectacular views towards the Rapunzel tower.

The Rapunzel tower is an old ruin about a mile away.  To be honest we are all intrigued and fascinated by it and everybody you talk to wants to buy it and develop it.  The truth is it isn't a viable option for any profit - but if you just wanted to live there, wow, what a place - with the most far reaching views.  It is actually part of an old house with this (slightly short but equally charming) Rapunzel tower.  I know we will all be heartbroken if somebody does actually buy it.