5th July - Pons

Today we visited the town of Pons.  A beautiful historic town with a wonderful Keep set right up on high, with wonderful manicured gardens, fountains and cafes in a compact location.  There is also Le Chateau des Enigmes with a treasure trail, picnic spots and tree houses.  It is a spectacular looking building.  Our guests even found somewhere to kayak. 

There was an art and wood carvings sale in the Keep which added further interest to the day.  The carvings were quite spectacular of stalks catching fish and elephants and even a dress made out of circles of wood.

Contrary to tradition, we bypassed the patisserie today, in favour of an ice cream.  A scoop of strawberry and a scoop of vanilla in what has to be one of the largest cones I have ever seen.  Delicious!  We also made an impromptu stop at a market stall on the way home that sold the largest loaf of bread I have ever seen.  It was so large that it was shared amongst us and our friends whom chauffeured us today.  A stroll around Pons is highly recommended.

I have been watching our guests taking out the bikes each day, and thinking it must surely be time for us to get on them.  So we did.  This evening we went off around the lanes and I was so pleased I did.  You get a totally different view when you are 2 feet higher up - seeing the long stretches of vines heading off into the distance, crossing fields of sunflowers and corn.  Just spectacular.  I would wholeheartedly recommend a little pootle out.