02nd July - La Galerie is Finished

After 6 weeks of painting, scrubbing and shopping La Galerie is finally finished.  Our first guests have arrived from Northern Ireland and we couldn't be happier that they are the first family to stay at the gite.

The pool area has its new furniture out and looks lovely, however, it will be having a refurb over the winter with a new liner and hopefully new fencing etc - so that is exciting.

Speaking of the pool.......I went out there late last night to put the umbrellas away.  A storm was in the distance; the electricity had gone out and the thunder was getting closer.  The breeze was picking up and I was worried about them ending up in the pool.  Just as I lifted one out of the base a gust of wind got under the parasol and there I found myself teetering on the very edge of the pool dancing with an umbrella.  It really almost got me.  Admittedly my neighbour had poured 2 very large gin and tonics into me but if anything that probably saved me (being more relaxed and amused by the situation than uptight) - or so I tell myself!

I hope you like the new pictures of La Galerie.