26th July - A Windy Day

Today, the weather has changed.  It is a lot cooler (but still in the mid 20's) with a few light showers and the wind is a little blowy.  Needless to say I stayed in doors most of today - I took a day off as far as a mum can!!  Having said that, I did venture out to put the pool to bed in the early evening and realised I had been missing out on something quite special.  So off I set with my faithful dog (except when he legged it into the gite and cleared up the spilt food under the table just to be helpful to our guests - he is so kind) for a wander.  The weather was truly beautiful.  Yes, the skies held heavy grey clouds but they seemed to make the scenery even more dramatic than usual.  The immaculately clipped vines seemed to stand to attention in the most impressive of displays and the tumbling countryside seemed to travel even further into the distance.  The wind was beautiful.  It was warm and joyous.  If I had been significantly younger I might have twirled down the road in that carefree fashion that children do.