25th July - Holiday Season

Holiday season is well and truly underway now.  We travelled down to Bordeaux the other day and there was a noticeable change in traffic.  One look at the number plates told us it was holiday makers on their way to what will hopefully be their dream vacations.

Our first French guests have just left and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.  My dog is definitely missing his new playmate.  It is great to understand the subtle differences in the French way of life.  Having been invited for an aperitif it was great because we exactly where we were.  A drink before we went home for dinner.  None of that awkward outstaying your welcome whilst everyone starves.  We were lucky to have been given a local bottle of aperitif which I was able to take along and enjoy with the family.

Our new guests arrived today and have taken advantage of renting out both gites for their family.  A great way to enjoy the space and have total privacy and more importantly a pool to yourself.  It is so lovely to see the children enjoying themselves - it is such a great place to give them some freedom.

I have literally been kicked out of the gites now - so no more painting until the winter.  It is a great opportunity for me to start tidying up my own garden - which has been neglected since I got here; and more importantly enjoy time with some of our valued friends who are coming to stay in the coming weeks.  It is going to be a great opportunity to start sight seeing again.