7th June - Saintes market

We spent the morning at the market at Saintes.  It wasn't as large as the market day on the first Monday of each month which takes over the whole town, but it was a nice way to spend an hour.  Predominantly food stalls it was very easy to get carried away.  Wonderful smells drifting down the road, tempting you closer.

If you like fresh fish, the variety is out of this world.  You can even have it cooked for you with the most delicious seafood paella on offer or a stew of potatoes and fish.  There were rotisserie chickens and ham hocks.  There were stalls selling white asparagus and my children's favourites and the reason we went - the Saucisson Canard, however, we also picked up Saucisson Beaumont and Saucisson Camembert (that one was for me).  We couldn't wait to tuck in so it was an exit - via the Patisserie as per usual !!!! and home for a feast of goods picked up from our trip including the freshest olives, sun dried tomatoes and crispy bread.  What a treat.