11th June - Bang!

Well it has been quite an explosive day.......

Firstly, upon entering the barn two of our Champagne bottles had exploded.  Our worst fear! So much for using flip top bottles (common sense telling us the flip top would release under pressure) which simply exploded, sending glass everywhere.  Thank goodness we weren't in there.   My neighbour very bravely wrapped a towel around each of the rest and released the gas.  They are all now safely in the fridge where the fermenting process should stop and we should be safe.  Lots of lessons have been learnt for next year - unfortunately the Elderflowers have gone over this year now.  We remain undefeated and after finishing what is left (rude to waste it) we shall endeavour to strive for perfection next year.

The weather has also been explosive.  A thunderstorm has been threatening for a couple of days.  Due to our micro climate the weather forecasts weren't very accurate and the storms have been circumnavigating us - however, this evening it hit.  Huge strikes of fork lightening crashing down over the horizon, rain thundering down and the atmosphere so tense it was like knicker elastic on steroids.  We unplugged our wifi and TV until it passed as French electrics aren't quite as health and safety as the UK (but clearly totally adequate) and sat back with a glass of wine to enjoy the spectacle.