5th June - Finally, we saw the wild bore

We were heading off to school early this morning and halfway through the forest road I saw what I first thought was a hare ahead.  Getting closer, I recognised those "Babe" type features.  It was a gorgeous little wild boar with her baby - does that make it a piglet?; I somehow suspect not.  What a wonderful sight.  I thought about it for the rest of the day.  A fleeting, rare glimpse but very special.

I treated myself to 20 mins in the pool today, on my own.  I ached and was hot from all the painting and the water felt amazing.  So cool and the most beautiful crystal blue.  20 mins of therapy I doubt a masseuse could have bettered.

I forgot to mention the other day - I was stuck at some traffic lights when it finally occurred to me that there was a count down timer on the traffic lights so you knew exactly how long you had before the lights changed.  Wow, so simple I can't believe it wasn't invented years ago.

La Galerie is looking bright and fresh now it has had a good paint (well almost finished).  I have ordered a new TV/DVD, wireless speakers and new mattresses for the bunk beds.  The furniture is looking refreshed and I can't wait to get it fully dressed and ready to go.