15th May - The Vineyards

We took a trip today through a back route of the property.  It has only been a week or so since we last drove down that way but we all noticed a huge difference.  The vines are in full leaf and the landscape is bright and new and fresh.  The scenery is just captivating - I can easily while away a few hours just looking out on the vines and the beautiful woodland.

So, did he stay????  He had a hotel stop.  We cleaned him up and he stayed a night - Charlie that is.  Unfortunately, once comfortable he wasn't quite so cute and easy.  For a start he wasn't house trained.  Not pleasant and clearly not his fault.  He had terrible flatulence!  He went from admiring Chessie the rabbit to drooling over her - scary; and he developed a bark that seemed to be focused at moving trees.  So Charlie was taken to a safe house and normality resumed.  We hope he finds a loving home.

Today I went to visit the English shop.  I felt a little like I was letting the side down and to be honest I am more than happy with the food here = except I missed VINEGAR.  I was a little surprised myself.  I hardly ever use it......except on chips.  The vinegar here just isn't the same and a chip isn't a chip without vinegar.  So, I wandered off to the English shop.  It's funny I ended up buying loads of great stuff like Mint Sauce (which actually I should have just made myself thinking about it) and Corn Flakes which I wasn't missing but equally it was nice to have.  Is it wrong not to act 100% French whilst here?  I don't know.  I think I am comfortable indulging myself with the odd English treat.