17th May - Mortagne sur Gironde

Today we decided it was a day of rest so we set off for lunch at Mortagne sur Gironde.  It is only 10 minutes away.  The place is very small really, but beautifully formed.  They are huge rock faces on the right as your drive in and interestingly there are a couple of doors in the rock.  Are they homes or storage or just their for tourists like me to ask questions????  Very interesting.

We arrive and all the yachts are lined up and 3 restaurants sit right next to them.  There are a few stalls which we planned to go and look at but were closed by the time we finished lunch.  It was a shame as I am sure one of them sold fresh fish straight from the water.

The café/restaurant "Chez Gigi" is simple and unassuming.  It sells lots of fresh fish including oysters and sardines but also steaks.  The meal is lovely and the staff even more lovely.  An incredibly friendly gentleman set us at ease and offered to speak in English if we preferred.  He chatted to the children about school.  We couldn't decide if he was native French or English.  It turned out English.  Anyway, very relaxing and a lovely way to while away Sunday.

We returned home and began making our Champagne with our neighbour.  The children chipped in, picking the elderflowers and measuring the water.  It is going to be interesting.  It is currently sat in my kitchen fermenting but I will be moving it to the barn when it gets bottled as we understand it can be quite explosive............

Had my first go with my new chainsaw today.  Broke my new chainsaw today.  Thankfully I have a nice neighbour who appears to have fixed it again for me.  Oh dear.