13th May - He isn't staying!!!!

Well it has been a busy time.  I have been painting in La Galerie.  It is coming to life.  The spring air is flowing through the open windows and the warm sun is changing the whole atmosphere of the place.  I can't wait to see it filled with visitors.

The children finally got to go in the pool.  It is open.  It is crystal blue and it is glorious.  How lucky they are.

On a totally different topic.  A few days ago a little visitor entered our lives.  Initially he watched us from a distance.  In the corner of the garden or under a bush.  Slowly he got closer and closer.  Don't feed it I told the children, it is clearly somebody's who is working in the vineyards - as we often see dogs wondering around.  But this little red haired terrier of some origin or other wouldn't leave.

Last night he came into the private garden but we shooed him away and tried to block it out fearful he would attack Chessie our rabbit.  He was covered in ticks and painfully thin and had a thick chain around his neck which had left a black mark.  I better email the Mairie - they will help.

Today, Charlie (no of course I haven't named him - or fed  him) followed me around like a little shadow.  Out to do the washing, over to the pool....there he was.  Please can he stay my daughter begged.  No, no, no, no, no.

Charlie clearly hasn't been in a house before and of course I haven't de-ticked him or fed him, removed the hideous chain or  bathed him.

Night Charlie!