10th May - In pursuit of a food market

Today was glorious weather.  Clear blue skies and 25 degrees.  I decided it was time to set off in pursuit of a good food market to find some duck sausage  - which the children love.

I was looking forward to the smells and colours and perhaps spending a few more pennies than expected; as I usually do.  But to no avail.   We failed dismally.  I don't know whether it is too early (I don't think so) or whether we were just not looking in the right area.  I will have to take some local advise......

All was not lost though.  We took the coastal road which leads along the Gironde Estuary towards the Atlantic Ocean.  We meandered through little villages with moorings for boats and little cafes with people having a relax with a beer.  We stopped off at Meschers where shops displayed their wears along the roadside and cafes were again filled with people spending their Sunday it what seemed to me to be a most appropriate manner.  I'm sure you can guess where we stopped - the patisserie as we always do.  Lovely.  There were lots of roads off to different beaches which we didn't have time for today but we will be back very soon. 

The coastal road is dotted with destinations to stop off at - I would thoroughly recommend it for a day out.  It was also very popular with cyclists - I couldn't think of a more lovely location to cycle - with such a glorious view.