9th April - A Charity Walk

One great way to make friends here is by making great use of your children - as you would in the UK.  We have become friends with a particularly lovely family in just this way.  They recently invited us on a charity walk with them in one of their local villages followed by Boudin (like Black Pudding) or Chipolata and Chips. 

Never one to miss out on an invitation, we put on our trainers this morning bright and early and set off.  I was expecting a quick walk, a bite to eat and back home by perhaps 1pm.  Of course that didn't happen because the French like to enjoy the whole experience. 

We leisurely had a chat with a few locals upon arrival and let the children play at the park beforegetting out numbers.  We set off - meandering along - chatting, catching up and laughing along the way.  The walk was seriously breath taking.  Golden fields of rape seed dotted between vines which rolled away from us; with beautiful farmhouses and small chateaus nestled here and there.  Half way round we were treated to refreshments and another chat.  Upon completing the walk we were ready to eat.  Very ready - but again we had to wait some time - which it was a pleasure to do.  A small aperitif to start.......we sat down at a bench and were soon joined by locals with their tables and chairs - wine, sangria and nibbles.  Overall, lunch lasted 2 hours.  There was, after all, nothing to rush for......it was 25 degrees, the children were all playing and it was Sunday! 

I think we are off for a charity bike ride in May and I can't wait.