24th April - don't wear your jeans to the beach!

We spent the afternoon at our local beach - and thinking it was only 20 degrees, I decided not to look like the silly Brit in summer wear and go for a nice jeans and t-shirt casual look.  When we arrived it was far hotter than 20 degrees and everybody was in their swimwear and summer dresses.  So I looked like the silly Brit anyway!  One lady asked me why I was in trousers and the only reply I could come up with in my dodgy Fronglais was that it was only spring and I don't change into shorts until summer.  What can I say!

The sea was awash with activity today.  Citric yellow, acid green and sky blue sails bounced along the water.  Children sped along on catamarans and in between all that there were kayaks, jet skis and paddle boarders.

Along the waters edge were fishermen and children playing bat and ball.  Adults were play fighting and dropping each other into the water.  My children were burying each other in the sand.

There was an interesting mix of nationalities - I certainly picked out English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German.  All enjoying life.