30th June - Port Maubert

Summer has been slow and steady to appear this year, giving us tasters here and then and then vanishing again.  I am hopeful to say that the weather seems settled and in the mid 20's daily.  I actually made it into the pool for the first time last week - when it hit 33 degrees - and the water was warm and soothing after a hot day replacing lamps on the back of our house.

Port Maubert is a port (as the name suggests!) about 5 minutes drive from us.  I have to confess I have often driven that way by accident and thought how pretty it was but nothing more.  More recently, however, its charm has captured me.  It started when we discovered it was a great place to swim the dogs; providing the fishermen aren't there.  We then started walking the dogs to dry them off after their swim.  There is actually a 10km walk if you are in the mood for some exercise but we prefer a 30 minute stroll through the reeds to the edge of the estuary.  After reaching a view point with an estuary map - the pathway snakes along hiding what is around the next corner.  When you do finally reach the estuary it is at first, we thought, a little unnerving as the great expanse of water is at the same height as the land.  Then it is intriguing because it makes a noise akin to a boiling pan.  Definitely worth a gentle stroll one day or evening.  Once you have alighted yourselves of a few pounds, there are two places to eat.  One is a lovely restaurant with a great menu of the day.  They are helpful too - if you don't like what is on the day menu they are likely to offer you an alternative like a steak.  The other place is an understated "tent" with plastic table and chairs outside - where I am assured you can get great mussels and if the kids are keen - burgers.  I will certainly be trying it now it has been recommended to me - and a more beautiful setting it is hard to find.