19th June - Fete's in Charente Maritime

There was a local village fete on today.  I have to confess we saw it advertised but didn't really think too much of it.  However, whilst out cycling with my son at lunchtime one of our neighbours stopped us and asked us if we were going.  mmmmmm........perhaps we should go and make some effort - how else are we going to integrate into the community - I thought.

We arrived to a car park with literally hundreds of cars.  It was quite unbelievable.  This tiny little village was holding a real spectacle.  There was a central ring that had teams from each of the local villages doing what I can only describe as something close to Its A Knockout to some really upbeat and contemporary music.  Each village also had its own stall with a game to play for children and adults alike or local photos to buy.  Sometimes they were, I have to be honest, a little cringe worthy such as Connect4 was one option, but most were more traditional and fun.  There were eateries galore ranging from traditional fayre to sausage and chips.  Artisan stalls surrounded the central ring selling jewellery, local honey, local oysters and more and a brocante (boot sale) spread down the road for a good 15 minutes walk.  Those that were staying for the evening were to enjoy local music and paella with fireworks to finish.  I suspect some cordial fun will be had.

Perhaps it might be nice to pop into one of these fetes if you see one signed whilst on holiday here.  They can be quite a surprise.