30th May - Common Redstart

All four of the chicks in the barn are thriving.  I believe, having consulted the neighbours and the internet, that they are the Common Redstart.  I am amazed at how quickly they grow - now showing feathers on their tiny wings and sitting up looking almost grown up.  I am sure they will make their way from the nest within a week now.  Mum has been incredibly attentive and incredibly brave to park her nest in a spot next to our door.

Moss, our new dog, is feeling sorry for himself having had the snip on Friday.  I too am feeling sorry for myself as he is stir crazy without his daily run - but all for a good cause.

I see the fuel strikes have been on the UK news, whilst I believe their are some difficulties north of Nantes - getting fuel - it is by no means impossible; to be honest we don't appear to have been hit by the strikes and fuel continues to flow (fingers x)

I am currently working on opening up La Galerie - we have a very full summer this year and I am very excited at meeting our guests - old and new.