18th May - New Life

Last week I went into the barn and felt a flurry sweep past me.   I didn't really think too much about it - but there was a little bird perched up on the beams.  The next day the same thing happened but just as I was about to leave the barn, on a little shelf - right near the barn door, I saw a beautiful little nest.  I peered in carefully and there were three beautiful white eggs - they looked like the sugar candy coated eggs you buy at Easter.  Yesterday, I went back in and there were not 3 little baby birds but 4.  So young, that they were still wet, and mouths agape but no sound coming out.  This morning they were all fast asleep but a quick peek later (as I am in and out of the barn all day) and there they were all waiting for mum to bring home supper.

We have other new life in the house.  Two weeks ago my daughter found herself a new dog at the rescue centre.  He is a 16 month old border collie x spaniel - he looks like a collie except for his ears and eyes.  Anyway, he came to stay on a 15 day trial which was up today......and he is staying and has already made himself very welcome.  Whilst still trying to find his place in the pecking order, he is entertaining us no end and has given our older dog a new lease of life.  Seeing them playing tug of war on the lawn is a fantastic sight.  I have to say though, that his energy levels are incredibly high.  I had forgotten how much energy our older dog had when he was just a pup.  I think I have resolved the problem though.  This morning I dropped the children off at the bus stop early, drove along the road for 5 minutes until it was quiet lanes and let him out.  He ran home alongside the car at an unbelievable pace and was actually quiet and settled for 2 hours.