3rd March - Spring Cleaning

It is time to start getting the gites ready for the spring/summer season.  Sooo exciting.  I walked into the garden early yesterday morning and couldn't contain my excitement when I felt the heat of the sun - I had to get the children out to feel it to so noticeable was the change.  It is looking like temperatures are starting to really lift at the end of this week.

Last week I spent the week painting the living area in La Petite Grange and it is looking all fresh and ready to go.  Having just painted the bedrooms before Christmas it is looking lovely.  All the curtains have been washed and the beams cleaned and painted.  I would like to make some changes in the kitchen before summer like the addition of a dishwasher but I will have to see how bookings go leading up to July.  Fingers x.

I am still busy cutting down trees.  There are so many!!  I have just been focusing around the gites and pool area and I'm almost finished.  The chainsaw has been taking a bit of a hammering but thankfully my neighbour bought a chainsaw sharpener which gets it back on it's feet in minutes.  I am looking forward to planting up some new flowers and shrubs.

Next week it is time to get into La Galerie and start spring cleaning there.  Time to wake up big bertha.  Fantastic.