24th February - spring migration

I am surprised it has been so long since my last blog.  It has been a very busy time - I have learnt to plaster; I would say to a point good enough for the first coat and mercifully my neighbour it turns out has a real talent for it - so he did the second.  So that has been my occupation for the last few weeks.

This week I managed to get out into the garden and spring is in the air.  Perhaps I am a little premature as I see in the forecast that there are some cold days ahead - possibly even a flurry or two of snow; but today I was working in the garden and it was warm.  The days are getting longer and the buds are on the trees.  I believe the birds know spring is coming.  I saw a flock of geese heading North this morning - flying in their wonderful V formation.  I have seen cranes making their nests and when I opened the door this morning there were a hundred little song birds singing in the trees.  I am sure they know.

We visited a new beach on Sunday.  Just between St Palais Sur Mer and La Palmyra it was a real find.  A paradise.  The most beautiful long, golden beach stretching as far as the eye could see.  The sea was tranquil and although just a few minutes from the savage coast - nothing like the 15 ft high waves the surfers pick up there.  It was just a 2 minute walk through a pine forest to be greeted by this beautiful sight.  I would thoroughly recommend it.