29th October - Saint Emilion

We had a few hours to kill in Bordeaux yesterday whilst waiting for a train arrival, so instead of going into the city centre we decided to visit Saint Emilion - famous as one of the Bordeaux wine towns.  I am sure if you are a red wine drinker you will have seen the bottles in the supermarket.

Just 20 minutes outside of Bordeaux the area has a sense of elegance and beauty with beautiful villages dotted within fields of vines.  Saint Emilion itself is relatively small and if you are not interested in wine - I certainly wouldn't recommend it; but for those who have a keen or even passing interest this is a great place to spend a few hours.  The walking is great on the thighs - very hilly - so if you are having lunch at least you can feel that you are burning off some calories afterwards.  There are so many wine shops - in fact that is pretty much all that there is not surprisingly, however, the village is really charming.