15th October - A grand day out!

Sunday was a hot sunny day and there was no time to waste, we were off to discover somewhere new.

Dogs and children loaded up, we set off towards the wild coast to visit some of the smaller villages we had not had chance to visit.  La Temblade was interesting with a large fishing port and I suspect a great place to eat shellfish.  All the vililages, to be honest, were unique and beautiful - how could they not be in this wild paradise.

We had planned to eat at La Palmyra, on the seafront, before returning home, but rather bizarrely all the seafrontrestaurants were closed.  I still haven't gotten to grips with when places will and won't be open in the winter.  There doesn't appear to be any logic - but I am sure there is.  It was a unanimous decision to venture to another favourite haunt - Saint Palais sur Mer - however, just before we arrived there we saw some buildings and parasols and decided to investigate.  We were not disappointed.  A string of restaurants, on a cliff, overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  The place was vibrant - buzzing even; so how could we resist.  A couple of hours eating delicious mussels, pasta and ice cream in the warm autumn sun in Charente Maritime.