30th April - The weather changes

I am finding it very hard to wake up before 9am since I arrived.  Yes, I could set the alarm but why?  I am supposed to be in the French lifestyle........the children on are school holidays.....  I think it is a combination of the outdoor lifestyle we have had the joy of leading so far and the fantastic shutters that make the rooms lovely and dark to sleep.

Today we had our neighbours over for lunch.  They came with home baked quiche and cake and bread rolls.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  I felt I let the side down slightly.  I had made lovely baguettes full of the most delicious ham or salmon with salad - which were lovely.  However, my plan had failed as I had intended to pick up some deli bits at the local supermarket this morning but when I got there they didn't sell them.  A lesson learnt.  Note to oneself to find out where the deli is.  Anyway, they were terribly gracious and we had a lovely lunch with a glass or two of sparkling wine.  Just as they were leaving the weather began to turn.  I believe we are in for a few days of rain so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to shut up all the shutters and get a roaring log fire going and watch a couple of back to back movies.  Dreamy.  Even the rabbit fell asleep behind the log burner for the afternoon.

Tomorrow I will get on with plaster boarding........