24th April - Friday but no need for that Friday feeling

Another lovely day.  20 degrees and sunny. 

The children finished their first week at school.  They have done fantastically well.  After a nerve wracking first day on Tuesday, they have come home all week full of enthusiasm.  I am so impressed with them and the school.  The teachers have been welcoming and friendly and given them lots of useful of advise.  There has been so much sport - really pleased.  They have been swimming with flippers on and done blow shooting at targets.  The other children couldn't have been more helpful.  Magnifique.

The pool - oh I can't wait to get in - is looking bluer by the day.  The learning curve is steep but hey who can complain about learning to look after a swimming pool.

I have just been out to cut the grass.  Wow, it is perfect growing conditions here.  It has grown about 4 inches since Sunday - again who can moan about that.  So happy!

Oh yes, the building work.  I demolished the wall and today put up some plasterboard and had a first attempt at plastering.  Thankfully in France they only plaster the joints so I was careful to have minimum cuts.  It looks dodgy to say the least but a quick sand tomorrow and another going over and I'm sure we can move onto putting on the new skirting.  It is really nice to see the room back to its original size - it looks so much brighter and is actually possibly my favourite room now

They are forecasting a little wet weather over the weekend so perhaps a good time to get some unpacking done - perhaps!