29th April and the Super Loo

We had the funniest thing happen today.  I decided in my ongoing French style to take at least some of the day off and head down to the beach.   We visited St Palais Sur Mer, which is just past Royan.  It is beautiful.  A little cove with a small but perfectly formed beach and lots of places to eat.  There were even Palm trees.  It had an air of California about it I thought.  You could smell the moules cooking as you walked past onto the beach.  Yum.

Anyway, we had our first experience with a French loo.  My son entered and the light went from green to amber.  He had a little panic getting out but found the button and out he came.  My daughter went in next.  Just before she engaged in her business we suddenly heard her screaming.   Aaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhh mummy get me out aaaaahhhhhh..,......... Nothing I could do except listen and laugh - a lot (gruel I know).  We hadn't realised the  Super Loo washed itself down.  Initially it was the seat raising and the whole thing washed itself - my daughter avoided that experience but then sprinklers hit her from every angle before she found the out button.  Her feet and legs were absolutely soaked. Thankfully, once out she too found the funny side.

We finished the day with an invite from some local people.  We had a lovely evening drinking local wine and eating nibbles in the garden.  My children even ate the olives - in the UK they always hated them.   They were just so fresh........

Tomorrow we are having neighbours over for a picnic lunch.  I must get on with that plaster boarding at some point...........!!!!!