26th April

Visited a Brocante today with the children.  We were looking for some beautiful flowers to put in pots around the gites and we weren't disappointed.  Lots of lovely geraniums and some beautiful cascading flowers that I'm afraid I don't know the name of.

We also picked up some mint, parsley and tomatoes. Hopefully, there will be some ripened for when our gite guests arrive.

My son over indulged himself on Churros - very yummy. 

Lots of stalls selling old bric a brac; some beautiful old plates which were tempting but then I remembered how full our cupboards already were and walked on by.

Snipped some lavender cuttings too so that we have plenty growing for next year.

I have lovely neighbours.  I am so lucky.  My neighbours across the road only arrived a couple of days ago but already the gentlemen has been so kind and helpful with a few building problems - and tool shortages.  I am very much looking forward to getting to know his wife better over time.  I also have another neighbour whom I haven't met yet, but local people tell me he is fantastic with all manor of problems like the lawnmower breaking.  I am lucky.  Friendly and helpful.  What more can a girl need.  I am looking forward to inviting them over for a BBQ and drinks..........I just need to find some time.   Perhaps in the lazy hazy days of summer.