4th December - Horizons

So vast is the landscape here that the sunrise begins over an hour before the sun actually rises.  I find that quite incredible and love to take the dog for a walk early to enjoy the beautiful morning skies.  The evening skies tend to be even more beautiful.  The sky in the early evening is like a bouquet of Sweet peas with the most stunning lilacs, rose, mauve and blues and occasionally vivid red.  Every evening there is a moment in time when just the trees in the distance are lit up and every evening I stand and admire the beauty.  A few weeks ago I evening caught the most incredible bright rainbow arcing over the trees but surrounded by dusk - just breath taking. 

It is a year ago that I first came to visit this house.  The time has just flown by.  I remember it was the very first house I viewed - followed by a 3 day tour of Poitier, Limosin, Dordogne and the Lot - but my heart was always here.  Although we didn't actually arrive until April we have come full circle in that the vines are now being cut back to the state they were in when we first arrived.  There will now be anticipation - knowing what the new year will have ahead of us..... and we can't wait.