21st November - November in France

Gosh I can't believe how quickly the month has flown by.  We have been very busy here.  I have taken down a couple of trees that were sat in the middle of the gardens.  I also removed a failing hedge that was reminiscent of the yellow scrub you see in the New Forest.  I have taken cuttings of a beautiful glossy Choisir that is already in the garden and hoping this will take and evolve into a beautiful new boundary for us.   I would like to take down another 20 or so trees down but one at a time! 

The opening of La Petite Grange for the winter hasbeen a great success and we have had a range of visitors.  I have closed it for this week as there is some work to be in one of the bedrooms where some damp appeared, so that will be repaired this week and I am hoping to get the bedrooms painted again.  I know I did them back in June, but I wasn't happy with the result - so I want to do them again.

The grass continues to grow at a staggering rate - probably 3 inches per week.  However, tonight we get our first frost - so I decided to go and do a final cut today.  It started out cold but beautifully bright - our first really cold day as the weather has held up into the early 20's for most of this month.  However, I could see the black clouds looming in the distance.  I was determined to get finished.  Unfortunately for me (the dog seemed to love it) for the last 10 minutes it hammered it down - I would go so far as to say it was like sleet.  My hands hadn't been so cold for many years so as soon as I had finished it was back indoors for a warm.  Now, the sun is shining away in the blue sky and warming my back like a hot water bottle.  The rays are streaming through the windows and the fires are stoked and toasty.  The waft of lamb in red wine with garlic and rosemary lingers in the air as it simmers away in the oven.  All is well.