18th June - kayaking locally

The weather here is unbelievable - in the 30's most days for the last few weeks now.  The pool is almost as warm as a bath and the grass is beginning to dry under our feet.  Outings now centre around being close to water.

It always takes a while to find your way around when you are in a new area and we are no exception.  We are still finding little gems right under our noses.  Last summer we took to travelling to the Charente at Cognac to kayak but a guest asked this week if we would take him to the kayaking at Pons - just 15 minutes away.  We had, to be honest, always avoided it.  It's brash street signs were off putting and the narrow water way looked poor; but who are we to turn down a guest.  So off we headed......and we were surprised when we got there.  We took out 2 kayaks for 4 of us, at a cost of Euros 30 for 2 hours.  The water ways were a lot less narrow than they had seemed from the road and it was like a labyrinth of passages.   The water was less clear than the Charente, I believe clean as there were lots of fishermen around, but thick with vegetation - so not recommended for swimming.  That aside, we really enjoyed it.  In fact, we decided we even preferred it to the Charente for kayaking.  It's winding passageways made it more interesting and the kids had great fun banking each other!  A great little spot for taking the youngster too and afterwards there is a restaurant....but I haven't tried it yet, however, I am sure it will be lovely as it seemed quite popular.