12th January - Save hundreds of pounds when booking holidays

I have noticed, even in just the (almost) 2 years that we have been here, a change in the way some holiday websites behave.

I hope you don't mind me giving you some advice.

If you spot a gite that you like and want to book - see if you can find it on one or two other sites.  You could be very surprised at the price difference.  This is usually not down to the owners but to the new payment methods of the holiday websites.  More often than not - when you pay through the actual company rather than direct to the gite owner you are charged for the privilege.  I understand for many this seems worth it - as there have been a number of scandals over recent years with non existent holiday homes; but the price you are paying could be as much as £150-200 per week more.  This is significant I am sure you agree. 

Happy holiday home shopping to all