18th July - It's a scorcher so why not swim at night!

Well the summer may have been slow to start but wow what a time we are having now.  It has been 38 degrees today, so we paced ourselves and went down to the beach later on in the day.  We visited Saint George de Didonne today.  Whilst sometimes the water can be a little brown - because it is a mixture from the estuary and Atlantic (still very swimmable but less attractive), today it favoured the Atlantic and was blue with 2 foot high waves for the children to enjoy.  I really love its sweeping golden beaches that are flawless - not a pebble, not a stone.

Last week we had a group of friends stay in La Petite Grange and they asked me to put the swimming pool lights on for them.  To be honest, it is something I haven't really bothered with.  I was worried about the lights attracting mosquitos.  What a fool I have been!  My goodness the pool is beyond beautiful at night.  Its aqua blue making a pin point in the darkness.  It has created a whole new world for us - night swimming.  Now as I write at 10.47pm the pool is full of children laughing and splashing. 

The long, hot, lazy days of summer.........