26th August - Day trip to Cognac

It was a beautiful sunny day today and a perfect opportunity to finally visit Cognac.  So off we set with our friends who are staying with us.

A quick trip via Pons we were there within 30 minutes.  Our first view was that of the Charente river - supposedly the most beautiful river in France.  I have to say it lived up to it's name.  A great place to wander and perhaps take a picnic.  There were kayaks there which you could hire for an hour or a day.  You could request to be dropped off downstream to kayak back to base.  Very reasonably priced too.

We parked up in the centre of the town and the ambience immediately takes you.  The café culture is vibrant and alive.  Our first instinct was to take a road train which lasted an hour.  It ambled along at a gentle pace allowing time to take in the Cognac houses, riverbank and shopping lanes.  We thoroughly recommend it.

Then, we were set back down in the square where it was time to peruse the vast array of menus.  It is a charming square and requires a leisurely lunch and offers a place where time is of no significance.