19th June - Seasonality

I have been very English - wondering why there is no lamb in the shops and where on earth is the sweetcorn - don't they know it is summer?  Silly me!  I have finally, if not rather slowly, realised that both meat and vegetables are seasonal in France.  I remember as a little girl looking forward to certain foods at certain times of year.  As the years have advanced I really lost sight of when a carrot had their season, or spring lamb was supposed to hit the shops.  It is really exciting.  I understand there is a glut of certain meats at particular points in the year, for example, quite soon we should be able to buy half a lamb in the supermarket.  I suppose that takes me back to one of my earlier blogs about why the food has so much more flavour.

It has been a lovely day today - although not as productive as I had hoped.  I was planning to paint in La Galerie again, but after an hour this morning I was just too tired (having spent the whole week in there).  The weather turned out better than forecast and it was bright and sunny; so I decided I could be productive and lazy at the same time - I went and sat on the mower and cut the grass.  Driving round the gites I noticed one of the borders was looking a  little tired so I got out my kneepad and gloves (a leaving present from the UK) and tidied it up.  It was, I decided a great opportunity to go and buy a few plants to bring some colour back.  But first..........I was so hot after being out all afternoon......and nobody was here.......absolutely nobody.......the pool was calling me.  Off went the out layers and in I went .  Putting my head back into the cool water was bliss.  Beyond bliss.  To lay there for a few minutes and take in the scenery and watch the sun shimmer on the water. 

This evening the children and I have been shelling our garlic and chilli prawns with crusty bread and this lovely glass of rose should finish the day off nicely.