6th May Handy Andy

Well it has been an action filled 2 days.  We had a family go at mending some gates on our land that had fallen off.  I thought it would be easy.  Buy a couple of hinges - screw them on and voila.  But no.  I did all that and then realised that actually the two gates were nearly a foot apart and couldn't be closed - kinda defeating the object.  Anyway, lumps of wood and posts were retrieved from various places.......and a few bent screws and nails later and there we had it - a cobbled together but slightly charming gate that closed (so long as you don't try to open it too often).

The neighbours are up for making elderflower champagne - yipppeeee.  Time to source some bottles and a summer of champagne with the satisfaction of it being our own should be ahead of us.

Today was the first use of the premier man tool - the sander.  Fantastic - great for the bingo wings but oh no the doors had all blown open and I hadn't realised.  I guess the house probably needed a good clean anyway but it wasn't really how I planned so spend 5 hours today.

It all paled into insignificance though when pup and I went for a walk this evening.  The vines are no longer looking like gnarly, contorted dead stumps.  They are springing to life and the landscape is turning green.  The hedgerows are full of daisies and clover and buttercups.  Pup continues to find puddles to dunk himself in - I don't think I mentioned our Beardie can't live without a good daily dunk in something that resembles water.  He is incredible how it sniffs it out in what can appear the most arid of places.