27th May - Fizz

Wow, our Champagne is running wild.

What a lovely day.  The weather was absolutely beautiful today.  We had the most wonderful afternoon at a friends with our first BBQ since we arrived.  I feel like I have been here all my life - it is so comfortable and relaxed.  After a couple of glasses of wine talked turned to the Champagne.  My friend had tried her test bottle earlier today and it was fizzy.  I don't mean fizzy, I mean FIZZY.  Clearly the extra yeast we added wasn't necessary.

For fear of explosions we spent the evening releasing the fizz out of the bottles.  My word, some of them were popping.  We have put a couple in the fridge to see if it helps slow the process - otherwise we might be christening the barn with champagne rather than inviting over the other villagers for our intended shindig.