Being a builder

Well I bit the bullet today and bashed out a bedroom wall.  A little nerve racking but if Sarah Beeny can do it.......everything is a little more complicated though.  I suddenly realised I didn't know where the tip was.  It wasn't easy trying to find out and had to ask somebody with local knowledge as my translations were clearly not up to scratch.

Getting on with the pool - desperately want to get it up and running but looks like we are going to need 2 or 3 weeks before it is useable.  Probably a good thing or else I would be in, rather than working.

The food is so much fresher here.  We bought some basic pork steaks from the supermarket - thinking we were just being economical but wow the flavour was fantastic.

I tell you what I am really loving.  We had some new telephone wires put in yesterday and the technician knocked on the door, after finishing outside, and shook my hand to introduce himself.  I bought some furniture today at the supermarket and I was helped out with all the goods and the lovely gentleman insisted I didn't lift the heavy goods.  I then got a little hug once loaded.  So lovely.