29th December - Ice Skating in Rochefort

After our very Christmassy experience in Bordeaux, we decided to visit an ice rink over the holiday season.  There were a few to choose from, but as we hadn't been to Rochefort and had heard many good things about it off we headed.  The children were very excited.

It takes around 50 minutes and I would avoid the toll road which is 5.80 euros each way but only 5 minutes faster than the alternative routes.  There was free parking for 1000 cars in the centre and the main town centre was easily accessible.  The ice rink looked great - with a smaller area for young children.  I noticed my two immediately turned green.  "I don't think we will go on after all" they said.  What a shock after travelling so far.  In honesty, my two hadn't been ice skating for some time and seeing the locals moving around freely on the ice filled them with dread.  There was no amount of encouragement that was going to change their minds - so a lovely pizza watching the rink was a great alternative.

We shall return in the summer for another look at this lovely town.