24th October - Colours

The Autumn here is turning out to be stunning.  The trees are all the vibrant colours that one would find in the woods and along the roadsides in the UK.  I can only think the difference is that here you are probably more guaranteed to have that final burst of autumn whereas in the UK poor weather can quickly move the trees into winter and there display is more often lost.  It is also a great time to spot some of the amazing predatory birds that live in the area - buzzards, red kites etc.

I have closed the pool now and I am looking forward to getting the new liner in the Spring ready for our second summer season.

Rather excitingly, we have our first late season guests in La Petite Grange.  The log burner is roaring away and the place looks homely and cosy.  With the lovely autumn days it is a great time to look at some city days out, or perhaps a tour around a Cognac distillery.