11th July - Bizarre clouds

The year seems to be going particularly quickly, especially the summer.  I have been busy working and without realising it the vines have grown above my head, the grapes are maturing and the maize is whispering in the wind again.  We are already into peak summer season and the place is alive and full with guests.  It is great to see and hear and particularly lovely to have those gentle conversations that pass for an occupation here.

We visited the beautiful beach cove of Saint Palais Sur Mer today and whilst not packed it was busy.  I have taken up the pass time of guess the family's nationality.  Usually I am wrong but it is interesting how just a certain stance, a way of wearing clothing of a facial expression can immediately give away somebody's country of origin.

An unusual thing happened whilst I was laying on the beach.  There was a warm breeze blowing across the cove - moving the clouds quickly across the sky.  Then I realised that the thinner clouds were actually moving in the opposite direction and being sucked in by the larger clouds.  Any interesting and bizarre visual sight for a non meteorological person!

We are looking forward to seeing old and new guests soon.